Our grappling classes are fun and informative. In a modern world, grappling (ground technique), is a fundamental part of the MARTIAL ARTS discipline. We combine techniques from Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Sub-mission Grappling, to provide a well-rounded ground defense system.

Our kids absolutely love this class!!! We start them early with learning just the basics. Our focus is to teach them how to achieve proper position, balance, and control. Students will not only learn how to control one- another with proper position, they will also learn how to escape one that is trying to control them. Once a student has displayed the disicpline and control necessary for sub-mission grappling and joint type locks, we will begin teaching them these areas of Jiu-Jitsu. As these students learn the skills of grappling, they will also learn the skills necessary for them to be able get back to their feet, and the ability to create distance, and get to safety.

With the Grappling and Karate programs we provide your child will develope self-confidence, control, self-esteem, character, goal setting, coordination, and so much more that only the MARTIAL ARTS can provide. Other things that our MARTIAL ARTS programs provide, whether you are a man, woman, or child, are better health, increased flexibility, laser like focus, the confindence to hold you're head high, the ability to be a leader- not a follower, and the ability to resist peer presure and bullying from others.

We stress to our students, as they learn and deveope these skills, they are not there to be a tool to show off or bully others, but rather be a confidence they carry inside so they don't feel the need to do these type of  things. We teach them these skills are there for their self-defence, and that they must use them only when it is truly  self-defence.

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